Charlie’s Legacy


In life and end of life, Charlie taught us many life lessons. Two of which set the framework for Charlie’s Gift’s Mission:

  1. We can all be there and make a difference when our community needs us.
  2. There will be a time when we all rely on the support and goodwill of our community. It may not be soon, but it will happen.

During his illness, Charlie taught us that it is not the absence of disease that creates resilience and well-being; it is being valued by your community and having the confidence of knowing that if needed, your community is there to support you.


-Charlie’s ‘gift’ is his legacy, the ‘gift of giving’ back to your community. It is the gift of companionship, support, confidence and empowerment through community connection.  It is the ‘gift of knowing’ that loneliness, social disconnection and living without purpose should not be a product of living to old age.

Charlie gave his community the gift of confident ageing through social engagement and support –

 this is now our gift to you.