How We Breakdown Barriers

Ensure our Core Values reflect all we do

Our Core Values set the foundation to what we do and plan to do through mutual trust, respect and appreciation for community. A foundation where you and your individual needs are our Primary Focus and connecting you to what you want or need to age with confidence and autonomy our Primary Purpose.

Our programs and services are designed by locals, for locals and funded by locals because age should never be a barrier to wellbeing, meaningful engagement and community connection.

Change public perception and combat Ageism

We know that ageism and stereotyping can corrode our confidence and ability to age well.

In most cases ageism and stereotyping is not intentional. It is for this reason that Charlie’s Gift aim to increase community awareness of ageism and stereotyping and the negative effects to health and wellbeing known to result as a consequence.

Charlie’s Gift will take every opportunity to reduce stereotyping and assumptions made about people solely based on age.

Examples of how we will achieve this include,

  • pubic awareness presentations to community groups
  • marketing and social media campaigns
  • sharing stories and blogs
  • providing opportunities for young and older adults to engage and mutually benefit from the experience.
  • provide opportunities for young adults to increase social awareness of older people and reduce unintential stereotyping.

Support older adults who feel alone and disconnected to re-engage 

Gratefuly there is increased community awareness on the harm to health and wellbeing for the aged who experience long term loneliness and social isolation.  It is unfortunate the the focus is mainly on our frail aged with a physical dependence on others for social engagement.

Feeling alone and disconnected is not an ‘old persons’ issue, it can affect us at any age.

What is less talked about is the challenges older adults can experience in the Autumn years.

Challenges such as loss of self, loss of role and routine or personal loss where the older adult feels they are not heard, understood without their feelings being validated by those around them.

The autumn years can bring new life challenges that were not foreseen or prepared for and overcoming them can  leave a person emotional and physically exhausted to move forward without reciving support based on empathy and respect.

Prevention is always better than cure. That is why our programs to combat loneliness are designed for adults 60 years and over who feel alone and disconnected.  The sooner you feel confident and connected to those around you, the lesser the risks to your ongong health and wellbeing.

younger woman and older woman smiling while pressing their foreheads together.

Our programs enable older adults to;

  • receive companionship based on mutual trust and respect
  • be heard
  • reconnect
  • mentor/share skills with a younger person.
  • experience new meaningful leisure/social engagement activities
  • form new friends and interests
  • Regain confidence and autonomy.

Go to our OPALs and GEMs Communty Program Page to find out more.

Connect our community to what they want or need for confident ageing.

To feel empowered, we need the

  • knowledge,
  • personal choice,
  • confidence,
  • ability to connect with, and
  • access

timely and relevant goods, services, business and organisations needed for health and wellbeing.

Charlie’s Gift will take every opportunity to inform you of the health, wellbeing and support choices available to you within your local community