Our Mission, Objectives, and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to give the communities of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie the confidence they will age well, be valued and supported, and be connected to their community.

How we will achieve our mission:

  • We will combat barriers known to impact confident ageing negatively
  • We will provide companionship and support to older adults experiencing loneliness and social isolation and prevent associated harm to health and wellbeing.
  • We will empower and enable our community to access the information, resources, local businesses and services they want or need to age with confidence and well-being.

Our objectives:

  1. To provide engaging, supportive and empowering programs to older people who identify as older, lonely, socially isolated or disconnected from their community.
  2. To prevent precursors of premature infirmity associated with loneliness and social isolation.
  3. To prevent avoidable stress, anxiety, misguided decision making and adversities associated with the inability to access information and resources when needed.
  4. To increase personal and professional skill development and opportunities for intergenerational engagement for volunteer companions in our programs.
  5. To promote community awareness of unintentional ageism and stereotyping and the harmful effects it causes on health and wellbeing.
  6. To lead by example and connect with and support other like-minded organisations that work towards social justice for older people.
  7. To provide our older community with an inclusive information and resource hub and diverse local business and service directory.

Our Values

charlie's gift symbol for integrity

 The trust and confidence of our community are of paramount importance to us.

Our mission is for us all to age with confidence and prevent the issues associated with loneliness and social isolation.

We are driven by our Principles, Core Values, and Code of Conduct through good governance and transparency.

charlie's gift symbol for empowerment

We care about the well-being of all who engage with Charlie’s Gift.
Hearing what you have to say, understanding your needs, showing compassion and providing support is our primary objective.

charlie's gift symbol for empowerment

To empower others is to promote autonomy, resilience and confidence.

Our Mission is entrenched in empowering others by showing they are valued, appreciated and heard.

We will acknowledge their strengths and provide support if faced with difficulties.



charlie's gift symbol for community

We know that we are all connected as a community, and to help one helps many.

Charlie’s Gift is the gift of community connection. We will always take opportunities to show our gratitude and support the people, businesses and services we depend on.

charlie's gift symbol for enablement

We appreciate that humans are social beings with an innate need to do for themselves, regardless of age or circumstance.

Our purpose is to support and assist those who engage with us to achieve their aspirations.

What we strive to represent

  1. A trusted and reliable organisation, where our community feel valued and confident to ask for help, advice or support without judgement.
  2. A sustainable NFP, local community focussed Charity, that utilises the skills, products, services and financial support of its community with intent to connect, unify and benefit all in the community
  3. An organisation who is known for its gratitude and aspiration to give back to all those who support and contribute to the Charlie’s Gift
  4. A local independent organisation that can progress and grow as the needs of our older community progress and grow.