Create an In Memory Tribute

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Charlie’s Gift values all in our local community, past and present. Creating a Tribute Page to celebrate the life of our family, friends and loved ones is a beautiful way to share their story and keep their memory preserved.

Every donation made in memory of a loved will be used to support a local older person and their carer at end of life.

With your help our older communuity will leave this world the way they came into it – valued, loved and cared for. 

Creating Your ‘In Memory’ Tribute Page

Please apply for an ‘In Memory’ page 1-2 weeks before the funeral service.

To create your ‘In Memory’ tribute page, please complete the ‘In Memory’ tribute form below.

Once we receive your ‘In Memory’ request form and photo, a draft of the memorial will be forwarded to you within two working days to ensure your are happy with your tribute. Your ‘In Memory’ tribute page will then become available within 1-2 working days, and you will receive information for your family and friends to view the tribute and donate in memory or in lieu of flowers.

You will receive a With Thanks copy of your loved one’s ‘In Memory’ template with the total amount donated in their memory from family and friends two weeks after the funeral service.

Your loved one’s memory and story will continue to be displayed on our site unless you request it to be removed.

‘In Memory’ Tribute Form

Please fill out as much information as possible on the form below and submit it with an image of your loved one.

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How your ‘In Memory’ Donations Helps Others

      • It enables older carers to be supported through companions providing opportunities for quality respite to recharge and reconnect.
      • It provides face-to-face companionship and support to those in the palliative stages of the disease.
      • It connects older people and their carers to needed resources, local services and support.
      • It enables older people who wish to die in place to do so through face-to-face companionship, and support and connect to local end-of-life carers and services.
      • It ensures older people experiencing end-of-life, grief, and hardship remain connected to their community and are socially supported.
      • It supports older carers and spouses after the loss of a loved one.