Create an In Memory Tribute

What is an ‘in memory’ tribute

Sadly, it is not uncommon to lose a loved one, friend or neighbour before we have the opportunity to learn about them as a whole.  Often it is only by attending their funeral do we get a glimpse of the history of their life.

Creating an ‘in memory’ tribute to celebrate the life of a loved one is a beautiful way of sharing the life story of one of our locals and keeping their memory preserved.

Two reasons you may create an ‘in memory’ tribute are:

To celebrate the life of a loved one and share there story with others to keep their memory alive. 

In addition to your loved one’s funeral notice; where family and friends can make a meaningful donation in lieu of flowers.

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How do ‘in memory’ donations benefit our local community?

Every memorial donation received by Charlie’s Gift contributes to supporting a local older person to have their end of life wishes met.  Their older Carers also receive ongoing companionship and support.

You will receive a notification each time a donation is made. You will also receive details of the donor, unless they have requested to remain anonomyous.

How much does it cost to create an ‘in memory’ tribute page?

We invite you to donate a contribution of $20.00 to cover admin and set up costs. You can make this contribution via our Donate Page.

A taxable receipt will be authmoatically forwarded to your email account. 

What rights do I have before and after setting up an ‘in memory’ tribute?

You have total control over wording for your tribute.

You receive a copy of the tribute prior to it becoming accessible to the public.

You have total control over how long your tribute remains with Charlie’s Gift.

You can request your tribute to be updated each year to mark the anniversary of your loved ones passing.

Does an ‘in memory’ tribute page need to be set up to arrange donations made in lieu of flowers?

An ‘in memory’ tribute page does NOT have to be set up for family and friends to make a memorial donation in lieu of flowers.

All you will need to do is provide family and friends with the following details with the link to our  donation page.

Dear family and friends.

We invite you to make a donation to the Charlie’s Gift Charity Fund in lieu of flowers.

Charlie’s Gift acknowledges older people as diverse individuals and supports them to access what they want or need from the community for confidence, wellbeing and social connection regardless of age.

Every ‘in memory’ donation made in lieu of flowers supports a local older person and their carer to have their end of life wishes met.

In memory donations can be made via the Charlie’s Gift Donation page at the following address.