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From the day you apply to volunteer for Charlie’s Gift, you become part of our team, and all opportunities are taken to recognise your value and contribution.

Being an emerging and innovative local not-for-profit charity has its challenges and many advantages.

For example:

  • The need for multiple and varied roles and skill sets ensures there is a role or position to suit everyone.
  • The excitement of knowing you are part of an innovative, forward-thinking, facilitating positive change to benefit all.
  • Being part of a small, inclusive team and supportive team.
  • The knowledge that you are benefiting those in your community.
  • Having an active role in the development of operational service delivery.
  • Applying for a role where you don’t have to leave your home.

We are sincerely grateful to all our volunteers, past, present, and future, for the generosity of their time, dedication, and passion.

Our volunteer handbook contains information on your rights, this organisation’s obligations and requirements and the policy and procedures which govern them.

Charlie’s Gift Volunteer Roles

Board Members

A not-for-profit charity relies on the passion, service delivery and integrity of its board members. Each person on a board brings a unique set of skills and abilities.
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Committee Members

Charlie’s Gift is currently recruiting volunteers to establish working committees to help in developing fundraising opportunities and promoting our charity.
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Sub Comittee Members

We often need the support of sub-committees for smaller, specialised and one off projects such as a specific Social Media Campaign or fundraising activity.
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GEM Companion Volunteers

GEM volunteers are our Genuine, Empatic, Motivators who provide companionship and support to older people who feel alone and disconnected from those around them.
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Organisation and Operations

Charlie’s Gift is an emerging charity that relies solely on the goodwill of volunteers. With your help, we will progress to becoming a valued and established local charity.
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Marketing, Design and Media

Charlie’s Gift will soon be able to launch our programs and products. Marketing and media will ensure the people who need us know we are here to support them.
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Fundraising and Events

Charlie’s Gift relies on community support and hosts big and small fundraising events during the year.  We always want participants and volunteers to have a fun and enjoyable day.
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Community Volunteering

Older people who participate in our programs may have experienced challenges that result in not keeping up with tasks around the home.  Helping people during these times is one way we assist older people.
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