Make a Charitable Bequest

Make A Donation In Your Will

Also known as a ‘bequest’, your monetary support assists us in providing our older community members with the resources and services they want and need.

A charitable bequest is a financial gift set up through a Will donated to a charity or not for profit, such as Charlie’s Gift Fund Incorporated. All bequeaths received by Charlie’s Gift Fund Incorporated will go directly to those in our older community who require companionship, respite and support at end of life. Many of our aged wish to die at home. Charlie’s Gift’s mission is to enable them to do so.

If you wish to bequeath a donation to the Charlie’s Gift Charity Fund, you may like to include the following statement in your Will:

I GIVE AND BEQUEATH the following legacies:-

(a)      The sum of            dollars ($     ) to the (CHARLIE’S GIFT FUND INCORPORATED) to be used in such manner as may be determined by the said ( CHARLIE’S GIFT FUND INCORPORATED).             OR

(b)      The sum of       dollars ($     ) to the (CHARLIE’S GIFT FUND INCORPORATED) for the general purposes thereof. 

I DECLARE that the receipt of the Secretary for the time being of the said (CHARLIE’S GIFT FUND INCORPORATED) shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Trustee for the payment of this legacy and my Trustee shall not be required to see to the application hereof.

For more information, please contact or visit the How to Leave a Gift to Charity webpage.