What We

Are Doing Next

Expand our OPALs and GEMs Companionship and Support Program.

We plan to expand our OPALs and GEMs community program to address three other areas known to induce loneliness, social isolation and negatively effect the health and wellbieng.

  1. Older people without family support who are transitioning to residential care.
  2. Older carers whose spouse is in the late state/palliative stages of chronic disease

Take all opportunities to recognise and promote the value and personal contributions of our older community.

  • Charlie’s Gift will take all opportunities to promote older people as diverse individuals valued by their community.
  • Charlie’s Gift will take all opportunities to educate and inform our community on issues surrounding ageism and assumption made on age and strategies to avoid it.
  • Charlie’s Gift will educate and train our companion volunteers in interpersonal skill development and provide opportunities to expand social awareness.

Facilitate a gateway to enable informed decisions based on individual choice.

We know that confidence requires ease of access to information, goods, services and resources wanted or needed for our health and wellbeing.

Our mission is to develop a local business and service directory tailor made to reflect the diverse and individual needs of our older community.